Breakfast x Big and nice breakfast

Breakfast is served
To all hotel guests for free.
It’s served in a manner that
You can enjoy a sip of coffee
With your laptop opened or newspaper spread
As a private and quiet time of morning work.
HOTEL910 would like to
Extend our full support
For the busy days of our guests.
through our breakfast

A refreshing morning

Bread, egg, salad,
Yogurt, banana, and …
We serve refreshing breakfast
with great variety.

The fragrance of freshly baked bread

Is coming from the toasters.
The fragrance is appetizing.
It the beginning of your day…

Japanese style breakfast
of the day.
We serve different Japanese breakfast every day
To warm your body and your soul.

* Fixed Japanese or western breakfasts without choices. Your understanding is very appreciated.


A clean, neat dining place
With an attitude.
Have a seat here
At the large tables for you

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