A convenient location in just 5-min walk
from Oita station

While we are also in a quiet residential area far from hustles and bustles.
Find your needs at the convenience store right in front of our hotel.
Park your vehicle at the parking lot at the back for just 500 yen per night.
It’s a nice parking at a reasonable price.

Zip code 870-0025 1-2-2, Kentoku-machi, Oita-shi, Oita
Tel no. +81-97-532-3331 FAX no. +81-97-532-3123
Check-in / 16:00~ (The latest check-in time : 24:00)
Check-out / 10:00

Coming by car
Coming by car

Approx. 7-min from Oita IC Interchange of Oita Expressway/ East Kyushu Expressway

Parking lots
Parking lots

There are exclusive parking lots for HOTEL910 guests at the back of the hotel complex.
It’s just 500 yen per night, which is definitely a reasonable price.
(When it’s full, allow us to direct you to a nearby coin parking at 300 yen from 8 pm to 8 am in the next morning.)

Coming by railways
Coming by railways

Get off at JR Oita station, walk 5-min

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