Local hotel x boutique hotel

The creation of a new “form” of business hotel
By a group of local experts and creators
With “a strong sense of belonging and love”
Based on the original face of the hotel.
It’s not only a place for “encounter” and with “hospitality”
for local people, but also for overseas travelers.




The so-called “rural” towns
Can also be “stunning”, if you can see.

We would love to present the local features for your “like” and interest to know more.

When you feel “I want to come to this town again,” that’s a beautiful “encounter”.

Links up guests to the town through such beautiful “encounter,
It’s a business hotel in Oita and a representation of its local prestige.

Our uniform × HOTEL910

For instance,
The uniform of our 910 associates
Is the shirt of “DIGAWELL”
A popular brand by designer Mr. Kohei NISHIMURA
from Oita.

Our tables & chairs × HOTEL910

The impressive and huge table in the shape of a cow’s ear in the cafeon the 2nd floor is
Designed by shop designer Mr. Kentaro Kawano from “Plus”,
Who is specialized in spatial design of salons, restaurants, etc.

And who is famous for his creation of a large number of highly sensitive spots in Oita.

Our Logo × HOTEL910

The logo of “HOTEL910” is designed in the way that
The numbers look like human “faces”.
This is a creation by Mr. Kosho TABE
An exterior designer who has taken the industry by storm
Also, being well known for his leading sense in graphic designs.

Project × HOTEL910

Mr. Takafumi MITSUURA is like the art director of the project.
He’s from Kanagawa,
but his base is here, in Oita.
He is simply the architect on the roll of time.

Our password is “910:.

We aim to be a “local hotel”,
To convey the attractions of Oita, and to make our sightseeing
and business guests fall in love with the place.



Guest rooms

Guest rooms





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